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Advanced expertise in the field of road transport

Our team has been serving its customers since 1995 with state-of-the-art trucking expertise across Canada, the United States and Mexico. Supported by our extensive carrier network, our logistics team fulfils our customers’ logistics needs with satisfaction.

We serve hundreds of customers and have the option of consolidating multiple types of cargo into one shipment. This enhances our bargaining power and allows you to save money.

Our carrier network will allow you to obtain not only competitive rates but also to receive punctual and quality service.

Types of logistic services offered by our team

  • Full load (Truckload, TL)
  • Less-than truckload (partial load, LTL)
  • Closed trailers
  • Open trailers (flatbed, step-deck, drop deck, detachable gooseneck, roll-tite and low platform with ramps)
  • Covered territories (Canada, USA and Mexico)
  • Cross-border logistics solutions

Cross-border logistics solution

Our team has implemented cross-border logistics solutions for US and Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to move their goods on Canadian-US routes. For more information, visit Canada Simplified and Ship USA Simplified.

Canada Simplified
Ship USA Simplified
Mexico Simplified