The AP Cargo Protection Plan

Protecting your merchandise has been a priority since 1995!

Before establishing a relationship with a transportation company, we make sure that it holds all liability insurance certificates required to protect your shipment. Our team keeps a copy of these certificates at all times.  Our system advises us of an upcoming renewal so that we always have the latest copy in hand.  The transportation company is ultimately responsible to protect your goods.

We also make sure that the carrier holds all required permits to ensure the delivery of your goods and that these permits are valid. We keep a copy of those permits on file.

Our team also holds its own cargo liability insurance which can offer an extra coverage, if needed.

Unfortunately, accidents over the road could still occur.

Cargo insurance

In case of an accident, the settlement of your cargo claim may take some time.

In order to supply the best management of your financial risks, our team offers an optional cargo insurance protection solution called The AP Cargo Protection Plan.  This optional coverage would allow a faster settlement of a potential claim due to the lost or damage of your goods.

If you would like to have more information about our AP Cargo Protection Plan, please contact your AP logistics advisor.