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2019 roadcheck is here

31 May 2019|News, Non classifié(e)|

The largest enforcement blitz is coming. Roadcheck 2019 will take place from June 4th to June 6th throughout North America. Be prepared, severals inspections will be performed during those three days. Normally, roadcheck inspectors pay extra close attention to a single aspect of truck safety. According to the Commercial Vehicle Safety [...]

AP is opened on Victoria Day!

16 May 2019|News|

Most canadian companies will be closed on Monday May 20th. Our team will be available and ready to assist you with your logistics needs. 1-866-977-9343 Happy Victoria Day to all!!!

The team’s additions

27 February 2019|News|

 Since the beginning of 2019, already 4 new colleagues have joined the AP team:   Fernando Fonseca and Varinder Sharma, logistics coordinators, will ensure greater availability to help our current and future customers in their logistical challenges. Given the ever-changing diversification of our clientele, these two employees are also adding the [...]

A new member has joined the AP TEAM

6 December 2018|News|

It is with great pleasure that AP International announces the addition of Mr. Pierre Bélanger as part of its logistics team. Pierre joins us in the role of Manager of our fresh produce division. Counting more than 30 years of experience in the import and distribution of fruits and vegetables, Pierre's [...]

AP sets foot in Quebec!!!

7 November 2018|News|

AP opens its first office in Quebec city Bring out drums and trumpets!!! AP announces the opening of an office in the beautiful city of Quebec! Benoit Allard will assume the role of Director of the Old Capital Branch! The latter joined AP on October 9 and will bring to the [...]

AP announces excellent results for Q3-2018 which ended June 30th

1 August 2018|News|

The business announces exceptional revenue growth of close to 30% compared to Q3 of 2017. All performance indicators have improved in comparaison to the third quarter of 2017 which demonstrates exceptional financial and operational health. According to AP's CEO, Mr. Richard Martel : ''The results are driven by [...]

The AP Team keeps growing!

1 June 2018|News|

We are very pleased to announce the addition of two new members to our team. Having started as an intern with our team in February, Olivier officially joined our team as a logistics coordinator within our operations department. His role will be to meet our customers' needs and ensure the smooth [...]

Produce season is on its way!

1 May 2018|News|

What does this mean? The demand for trucks and shipping costs should normally be on the rise. Produce shippers are in high demand of trucks because they need to ship their product as quickly and efficiently as possible, causing trucks and driver shortages in the industry. What do we suggest you [...]

Thaw season in Quebec – Official dates

1 May 2018|News|

The Quebec Ministry of Transportation reminds heavy road vehicle operators and businesses that ship merchandise that the authorized load limits are reduced during the thaw season on all Quebec roads. During this period, the roads are between 30 and 70% softer than usual. It is therefore inevitable that heavy transportation equipment [...]

LES BEAUX 4H 2018 – Fondation Martin-Matte

19 March 2018|AP Share|

As part of our “AP Share” program, our team is committed to helping our community become a better place to live, work and grow! On February 3, 2018, the SKI TEAM AP, composed of Éric, Francis, Marc-Alexandre and Richard, participated in the 3rd edition of the charity activity LES BEAUX 4H [...]

Our team keeps moving forward!

10 January 2018|News|

AP International announces excellent results for the quarter ended December 31, 2017 and maintains the successful pace established in recent years! AP International announces exceptional revenue growth by more than 40% compared to the same quarter last year. In addition, the company is proud to announce that all its performance indicators [...]

Growth in 2017!

20 October 2017|News|

September 30th marked the end of the 5th year (21st since its incorporation in 1996) since the acquisition of AP International by Mr. Richard Martel in October 2012. Last year was a tremendous success and the company announced once again record results propelled by a convincing growth of its customer demands [...]

Produce season is on its way!

1 April 2017|News|

The demand for trucks and shipping costs are on the rise! Produce shippers are in high demand of trucks because they need to ship their produce as quickly and efficiently as possible, causing trucks and driver shortages in the industry. Keep in mind! The key to staying on track during this [...]

STIQ membership!

22 March 2017|News|

It is with great pleasure that AP International announces its membership with the STIQ, a multi-industry association of Quebec-based manufacturers whose mission is to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing supply chains in order to promote the development of our economy! According to our president, Mr. Richard Martel, '' We wish to [...]

Thaw season 2017

5 February 2017|News|

AP reminds all heavy load shippers that authorized load limits are reduced during the thaw season. This will be important to consider before shipping out your freight! The authorized load limits are reduced during the thaw season because of the weaker load bearing capacity of the roads in Quebec. This year, [...]

AP is looking for experienced dispatchers

27 January 2017|News|

AP INTERNATIONAL is looking to add new resources to its team. AP INTERNATIONAL, an important logistics intermediary specialized in national and international transportation is looking to add new members to its experienced operations team. AP has grown considerably during the past few years and all indicators seem to demonstrate that we [...]

The AP TEAM continues to expand!

11 November 2016|News|

It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of two new resources to our team. Ms. Andrée Veilleux has joined our team as a Coordinator, responsible of the administrative functions of AP International under the supervision of the Administrative Manager. Ms. Johanne Lapointe has also joined our team as [...]

A healthy mind in a healthy body

30 October 2015|News|

It is with great pride that we highlight the individual performances of some members of the AP team: On 22 August, Kim Martel and Ginette Guidolin completed their first 5km run in Lachine to benefit the Alzheimer's Foundation; On September 20th, Richard Martel completed a very first half marathon (21.1km) during [...]

2015 – Another year of corporate growth!

30 September 2015|News|

September 30th 2015 marked the end of the 3rd financial year of AP International since its acquisition in October 2012 by Richard Martel. The results of this 20th year confirm the growth of the company. The revenues were up, the profits were up and the number of clients followed a similar [...]

Our team continues to grow!

5 June 2015|News|

It is with great pleasure that AP International welcomes Francis Martel, as Director of the Administrative Services and Corporate Marketing. With a dual strategic role, Francis takes over the administrative as well as the marketing operations of AP International. Under the supervision of the CEO and with the collaboration of the [...]

Destination USA

24 January 2015|News|

Nicknamed “Destination USA”, AP International unveils a strategic business development initiative. Designed to govern AP’s business development efforts of the US market, this initiative will also provide an even greater range of logistics services to our client base. The first and most important step of this initiative was the partnership announced [...]

USDOT Authorized Broker

22 January 2015|News|

Facilitating the required security bond of $ 75,000USD, AP International announces the renewal of its transport brokerage right in the US. Authorization was obtained from the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) to offer brokerage services for intra-US freight shipping to US and Canadian companies. AP is now legally recognized by the [...]

Strong 2015 start!

15 January 2015|News|

AP International announces exceptional financial results for the quarter ended December 31, 2015. In fact, the company announces record revenues up by more than 100% over the same period in 2014. According to Richard Martel, the company's CEO: "We are currently living precious moments at AP and to be able to [...]

AP welcomes new team members

1 December 2014|News|

On one hand, it is with great pleasure that AP International welcomes Mr. Glen McCole as part of the AP Team. Glen will play a strategic role in the long term growth of our organization as our Sales Manager. Glen brings extensive experience to our team as well as in-depth knowledge [...]