The Quebec Ministry of Transportation reminds heavy road vehicle operators and businesses that ship merchandise that the authorized load limits are reduced during the thaw season on all Quebec roads.

During this period, the roads are between 30 and 70% softer than usual. It is therefore inevitable that heavy transportation equipment causes significant damage to the roads.

This year, the official start and end dates of the thaw period are as follows :

Zone 1 – From Monday March 5th to Friday May 4th

Zone 2 – From Monday April 2nd to Friday May 18th

Zone 3 – From Monday April 23rd to Friday June 22nd

The starting and ending dates of the load restriction period may be accelerated or delayed depending on changing weather conditions.

Our team is on the lookout for any important changes that should be of interest to your business and offers you different solutions to help you carry your goods through Quebec during this period.