Since the beginning of 2019, already 4 new colleagues have joined the AP team:  

Fernando Fonseca and Varinder Sharma, logistics coordinators, will ensure greater availability to help our current and future customers in their logistical challenges. Given the ever-changing diversification of our clientele, these two employees are also adding the ability to communicate in three new languages, namely Portuguese, Punjabi and Hindi. This is an extraordinary opportunity to communicate with our customers and suppliers in the language of their choice. In addition to these three languages, the AP Team can also communicate in Italian, Spanish and of course English and French.

We also welcome the arrival of Tyler Ward who joins the sales team to ensure growth and service to our customers.  

Finally, let us welcome the addition of Vincent Bouchard, Marketing Coordinator, who will support the Director of International Services, Francis Martel, in the areas of multimedia and digital content. 

We are all very proud of our past accomplishments and we are particularly optimistic about the future potential of the global logistics industry. The addition of new colleagues to our team represents a significant investment in our most important asset – our human capital! 

Looking forward to accompany you on your next project.