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Growth in 2017!

Blainville, October 2017 - Growth in 2017

September 30th marked the end of the 5th year (21st since its incorporation in 1996) since the acquisition of AP International by Mr. Richard Martel in October 2012. Last year was a tremendous success and the company announced once again record results propelled by a convincing growth of its customer demands by more than 50%. All performance indicators were up when compared to 2016. Most importantly, AP's customer confidence index was also on the rise, indicating an improved customer satisfaction in 2017!

According to Mr. Martel; '' Our results do not surprise me considering the quality of our team and its ambition to become the standard in terms of customer service. The future looks promising and we undertake the challenge of the next 5 year period with tremendous enthusiam. I would like to thank each one of our clients for their renewed trust in our team in 2017. AP is clearly a team success with our clients and our suppliers. Thank you for teaming with AP! ''

Produce season is on its way!

Blainville, April 2017 - Produce season is on its way!

The demand for trucks and shipping costs are on the rise!

Produce shippers are in high demand of trucks because they need to ship their produce as quickly and efficiently as possible, causing trucks and driver shortages in the industry.

Keep in mind!

The key to staying on track during this upcoming season is exceptional communication between you and your partners involved in your logistics projects.

Don't be shy to communicate with your customers! Let them know what to expect during this season. This will give them the opportunity to prepare themselves accordingly and ahead of time.

STIQ membership!

It is with great pleasure that AP International announces its membership with the STIQ, a multi-industry association of Quebec-based manufacturers whose mission is to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing supply chains in order to promote the development of our economy!

According to our president, Mr. Richard Martel, '' We wish to develop new business relationships with other STIQ members and offer our logistics expertise by taking care of their logistical challenges. After all, simplify logistics is our mission! ''

For more information, please visit the STIQ's website:

Thaw season 2017

Blainville, February 2017 - AP reminds all heavy load shippers that authorized load limits are reduced during the thaw season. This will be important to consider before shipping out your freight!

The authorized load limits are reduced during the thaw season because of the weaker load bearing capacity of the roads in Quebec.

This year, the dates the restrictions start and end as follows:

  • Zone 1: Monday February 27th to Friday April 28th
  • Zone 2: Monday March 6th to Friday May 5th
  • Zone 3: Monday March 13th to Friday May 12th


AP is looking for experienced dispatchers

Blainville, January 2017 - AP INTERNATIONAL is looking to add new resources to its team.

AP INTERNATIONAL, an important logistics intermediary specialized in national and international transportation is looking to add new members to its experienced operations team. AP has grown considerably during the past few years and all indicators seem to demonstrate that we will maintain our growth in the years to come. In order for us to maintain our corporate growth and meet the logistical needs of our growing clientele, we are now looking for new candidates interested in joining our team:

  • A dispatcher with strong knowledge in specialized/oversize transportation across the North American continent;
  • A dispatcher specialized in Intra-USA transportation;
  • A dispatcher specialized in cross-border transportation (Canada, USA and Mexico)

Should you be interested in joining the AP TEAM, here are the main selection criteria:

  • The candidate needs at least 5 years of experience in the indicated transportation sectors above;
  • The candidate needs to have past experience within an organization such as AP INTERNATIONAL;
  • The candidate needs to speak and write fluently in both French and English;
  • The candidate needs good negotiation skills;
  • While this will not be part of his/her core responsibilities, the candidate will still have to demonstrate good skills in business development;
  • The candidate must be motivated by work and team success.

Everyone is part of our success!

Please be aware that each member of AP's selection team will need to have been wow'd by the candidate. We want to add colleagues able to maintain a high level of wow. This wow effect is a set of small things that make AP a quality employer, but most importantly, a service provider that builds trust and loyalty with each of its customers. Our operations team is based in Blainville and will be there in the long run. This is therefore intended to people interested in working north of Laval whom wish to reduce their hours spent in traffic. This candidacy is aimed equally towards men and women.

If you are interested in joining a winning team and you feel that you meet all of the above main criteria, please send your résumé to the following email address: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. .

We are very much looking forward to meeting you.