TruckingAt your service since 1995, AP International provides an extensive expertise of the transportation of goods via road. Trucking is definitely a key strength at AP and we provide unlimited capacity throughout North America. Supported by thousands of carriers, our logistics team of experts will assist you execute your logistics requirement at your utmost satisfaction. Here are some of our services:

  • Truck load (TL) or partial load (LTL)
  • Closed van of all size
  • Open deck trailer for regular and specialized transportation
  • Intra Québec, intra Canada or  intra USA
  • Cross border transportation (USA and Mexico).

Our unlimited capacity guarantees a high level of availability, where and when you need it! In addition, our customer service team is dedicated to follow your goods until delivery and warn of any issues along the way!

Ocean freight

Ocean freightOcean freight is the most commonly used international shipping method. Why? Quite simply, because it is the most economical. And, the greater the volume shipped, the more viable this mode of transportation becomes. The exponential growth of global markets obviously impacts the rapid expansion and increased use of international shipping lines.

The AP International team stands out from the competition because of its exceptional abilities at managing the ocean portion of your imports and/or exports. Our extensive network of agents enables us to also offer land transportation, regardless of your shipment’s destination or point of origin.

Our Customer Service team follows your merchandise every step of the way, and provides you with a tracking report at every major shipment stage.

Our international service includes:

  • Full or partial container shipments (LCL)
  • Specialized marine transportation: RORO for heavy rolling stock
  • Specialized containers: High cube, refrigerated, open top
  • Land transportation for point-to-point shipping

Air Transportation

Air Transportation - PlaneIn emergency situations or for “just in time” deliveries, time is money. When merchandise must be delivered as fast as possible, air transportation is still your best option.

Our logistics team works tirelessly to rapidly ship or receive your merchandise via air transportation, either within Canada or abroad. It ensures the success of your logistics project by overseeing all the steps involved and keeping you informed at every stage of the process.

Rail Transportation

Rail TransportationRail transportation in North America is gaining popularity mainly due to two factors: its growing reliability and its cost-effectiveness when fuel prices are high. The greater the distance to be covered, the greater the economies of scale it delivers.

This mode of transportation is somewhat gaining on road transportation for high volumes of relatively non-fragile cargo (in bulk or not). Given the substantial improvements in service quality, it has become a viable alternative for major clients.

As is the case for all transportation done by AP International, our Customer Service team follows your merchandise every step of the way, and provides you with a tracking report at every major shipment stage.